Never Stop – The “Musk Soul” Behind Homemade Tesla

Iron Man never stops. “Without the support of you (the Shanghai government and the owners of Tesla) there would be no Tesla today. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said. On January 7, the home-made Tesla Model 3 officially opened a mass delivery at the Tesla Super plant in Shanghai. It’s no accident that on January 7, 2019, Tesla’s China plant officially broke ground and is now a “super factory” with a capacity of up to 3,000 vehicles a week.

At the delivery ceremony, the first 10 owners had been given the keys to the Model 3 that Musk had handed them and entered their own vehicle.

Musk didn’t stop his steps. In the Chinese market, it is clear that domestic Tesla has only crossed the first threshold. In everyone’s eyes, Musk’s mind is full of crazy ideas, and they can land. So is the home-made Tesla, so is the launch rocket, and the same is true of the link behind the two.

Tesla’s China Speed

Musk was about to dance on stage, but the background music was paused.

He awkwardly twists on the stage a few times, and at the behest of the staff, the music turns on again, and Musk shakes his body with the music, jumps up and down and throws his suit off the floor. This is probably the first time a car company CEO has danced at a vehicle delivery ceremony.

Domestic Model 3 Deliveries Live, Musk Dances To Magical Dance Geek Park Interception

With 10 Model 3s on, the home-grown Tesla has completed its first delivery to social users, and has just entered 2020 with the “first gun” of pure electric vehicles.

It’s not hard to understand Musk’s excitement. The unexpected “China speed” has given him a taste of the dividends of the domestic new energy vehicle market, while a shock to local rivals. Ideal Car CEO Lee wants to say publicly, “Tesla is on the doorstep.”

The reason why the first owners bought the Model 3 was not too much of a priority for everyone, but mostly with the word “technology”. Some feel that Tesla’s battery life is real, some people like the Model 3’s summoning features, and some people love the car OTA update, which shows That Tesla has a brand effect on the new technology experience.

For the full year 2019, Tesla delivered about 367,500 vehicles, up 50 percent from a year earlier, according to data released by Tesla, fulfilling Musk’s annual target of 36-40 million vehicles.

While it is not clear how much and how much to deliver in China, it is certain that China, Tesla’s largest overseas sales market, has once again contributed to the company’s revenue. You know, Tesla’s revenue in China was $1.5 billion in the first half of 2019, up 41% from $1 billion in the same period in 2018.

Predictably, the arrival of domestic Tesla, will further stimulate demand, even in the serious decline in sales in the car market, to achieve a bright score is very likely.


Model Y Project Launch Ceremony

The delivery ceremony was short, but it revealed some useful information. Musk, for example, has revealed the arrival of the Model Y and the possible birth of a Chinese-designed Tesla.

In addition to the Delivery of the Model 3, the home-made Model Y was put on musk’s agenda. Tesla’s official twitter account said Musk’s official announcement: The all-electric mid-size smart SUV Model Y project has been officially launched. The news confirms that Model Y is about to open manufacturing at its Shanghai Super plant, and may even be in sync with Tesla’s expected production time in North America, Q1 2020.

Heaven lying and underground

Iron Man’s exploration of another industry did not stop while it was building a car.

On the morning of January 7, Beijing time, as Musk was preparing to land at Shanghai Pudong Airport, Space X carried out its first Rocket Launch of the New Year in the United States at the same time.

A Falcon 9 rocket was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, putting 60 Starlink satellites into orbit. The incident shows that SpaceX, founded by Musk, is one step closer to breaking records. If it carries 60 more satellites at the next launch, Space X will have more than 200 satellites, making it the world’s largest satellite operator.


Falcon 9 prepares to release 60 Starlink satellites Twitter@SpaceX

Not only is it not just the wind and water in the car-building industry, but it’s also a cross-border rocket launch, and a low-cost launch using rocket recycling, musk’s call for “Iron Man” is not unreasonable.

Just as Tesla’s ultimate goal is not just to build a car, but to rebuild the distribution of energy, and the launch of the recovered rocket is not just to go to Mars, Musk’s satellite layout was revealed in 2015.

In his vision, Space X would put 12,000 satellites into low-Earth orbit, all of which would provide large-scale, dead-end Internet services around the world. In October 2019, Space X increased the number of satellites to 42,000, the ultimate goal of StarLink, the Space Internet.

It sounds cool, but Space X is still slowly groping. The current level of stability in space Internet transmission only supports A few tweets by Musk himself, both in quantity and quality, and requires Space X’s continued efforts.

However, once the satellite is deployed, low-cost, high-coverage communications networks are a cause for global euphoria. Another feature of satellite networks is that they are faster than traditional networks, which greatly reduces network latency.


StarLink Satellites . . . Twitter

By then, Space X and Tesla will even be linked, a dead-end high-speed network that fits perfectly with the self-driving of Tesla vehicles and won’t be far behind when the 5G era comes.

In fact, this may be part of Musk’s ambitions. Space X and Tesla, one underground, seem unconnected, but the business is secretly tied together, and the results will be on the cards for years to come.

And China, a fast-growing market for Tesla, is also a necessary requirement. On the one hand in the rapid development of the sales market, on the other hand in space to create a full coverage of the self-driving communications, the two companies are the same way.

There are countless invisible lines between vehicles and satellites, connected in real time via the Internet, and their sources come together, with a man invisibly pulling the line’s direction and constantly outwards. Both Tesla and Space X have been placed on Musk’s personal imprint. While changing industry rules, he is also building a “third pole of self-driving” outside the energy and space internet.