CES 2020: Samsung mulls new Galaxy slide prototype

With the launch of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) in Las Vegas, it could be only a month before the arrival of the legendary second-generation Galaxy Fold folding screen smartphone. When expanded, it will become slender (like a Moto Razr) rather than a tablet. Interestingly, the company also seems to be working on a completely redesigned Galaxy slide prototype. South Korea’s ETNews reported that the plane appeared at the CES 2020 booth.

CES 2020: Samsung mulls new Galaxy slide prototype

(Instagram from LetsGoDigital)

At the push of a button, this slide prototype displays excess of the screen. Thanks to the flexible screen design, the side of the screen can be expanded freely, easily extending from 6 inches of elongated to a wide 8 inches.

But the prototype is made of polyamide plastic screen material, similar to the first-generation Galaxy Fold folding screen smart, and the second-generation Galaxy Fold may be replaced with a more scratch-resistant, durable glass material.

CES 2020: Samsung mulls new Galaxy slide prototype

(Picture: LetsGoDigital)

The design of the slide-cover stretch is much more difficult than the folding screen, after all, the former only needs to consider the neutlettal fold, and the latter must curl it into the shell. In addition, plastic sizing more easily than ultra-thin glass.

Late last year, Dutch technology blog LetsGoDigital reported on the patents several times. Samsung is expected to take two to three years to get the Galaxy slide prototype to market.