CES 2020: Sony Announces New 3D Volume Vision Technology

At CES, Sony announced a new 3D volume vision technology,media reported. This unique eye-sensitive light field display makes the ultra-high-precision spatial display experience possible by using high-speed vision sensors and face recognition algorithms that traditional bare-eye 3D displays cannot do.

CES 2020: Sony Announces New 3D Volume Vision Technology

It can be easily applied to VR and AR scenarios, providing a versatile stereoscopic content creation environment for creators in various fields such as entertainment and product design.

At the same time, the display works well with Sony’s Volumecapture technology.

Volume Capture provides a virtual production facility that can change the way movies and TV shows are made. The images were taken at Sony Pictures Studios, and the volume of photo-realistic data is displayed on the crystal LED display in the form of a background image. The background changes in real time as the camera moves, ensuring that the final image has the right angle of view and depth.

Virtual production gives creators imagination, allows directors, photographers and actors to experience the scene as if they were in the middle of the scene, and also provides creative flexibility that allows filmmaking to take place at any time.