Watergen launches solar version of GENNY to convert moisture from the air into clean drinking water

Media outlet Techspot reported that if people find themselves unable to get clean tap water, there are steps they can take to adapt and survive. Buying bottled water in stores to prepare for an emergency is an obvious option, but products like LifeStraw, which purify water from lakes, streams and ponds, can also do wonders. Watergen, the water technology company, hopes to offer another (more expensive) solution through its latest announcement.

At CES 2020, Watergen introduced a new version of GENNY device spowered by solar power.

Watergen launches solar version of GENNY to convert moisture from the air into clean drinking water

Existing GENNY products use dehumidifier-like technology to draw moisture from the air and convert it into clean drinking water. This is an impressive technology, but it requires a power outlet to work properly, just like most other water coolers. However, the new GENNY completely eliminates this requirement, thanks to the four solar panels that come with the product. Although it functions the same as the existing GENNY, the new version is self-powered when installed externally.

“It has all the same benefits as GENNY and is ideal for use in remote areas, villages, parks, and environmentally friendly residential areas where electricity supply is unreliable or unusable,” Watergen said in a press release. GENNY, which is powered by solar energy, produces up to 3.5 gallons of water per day. “

For reference, the standard genNY produces 8 gallons of drinking water per day, so the solar version is slightly less powerful. However, as Watergen says, the value of the solar version of GENNY cannot be measured in remote areas or even for simple urban parks. Obviously, the solar version of GENNY is of little use for home or office use.

The price of the new genNY is expected to range from $5,000 to $8,000, including all costs (including shipping and installation assistance). The company has not announced a specific release date.