The second season of “The Witcher” TV series may have started working really fast.

Netflix’s “The Witcher” TV series received mixed reviews after it aired, but it was a huge success in ratings. The show’s producer, Lauren S. Hissrich, recently tweeted that production for the second season had begun. “My family left Los Angeles made me feel bad, but with their full support, I’ll do it again,” says Lauren S. Hissrich, “to the second season of “The Witcher!” ”

It also means that the second season of “The Witcher” is in the early stages of production, but the live filming will not begin immediately and will take several weeks to prepare.

Lauren Hissrich has previously said that the second season will be more story-oriented, and that the story lines of Gerlot, Yenifa and Healy will begin to converge, and the plot will become more linear. The second season will also reflect the passage of time through changes in character styling.

The second season of “The Witcher” will be released on February 17 and will premiere in 2021.