Windows 10 20H1 update to ordinary consumers early next year

Microsoft is currently working on the next major feature update of the Windows 10 operating system, codenamed 20H1, which is said to be available to the general consumer early next year. Insider testers, however, have been able to install an early preview of Windows 10 20H1 ahead of schedule, taking a first look at the new features and improvements that are about to arrive in Windows 10.

Windows 10 20H1更新将于明年年初向普通消费者推送

(Instagram via Windows Latest)

The leaked information says Microsoft has completed a key feature update for 20H1, with the RTM candidate coming in mid-December.

Earlier reports said Windows 10 20H1 would be released next spring. But it now looks set to arrive sooner than expected.

Let’s start with the next feature improvements for Cortana: In the Windows 10 May 2019 update, Microsoft separated Cortana from the search bar to develop two features independently.

Windows Search has also made some improvements in this update, but Cortana will see a bigger change in the 20H1 release — enhanced conversation and keyboard friendliness, with a focus on text messages.

In other words, users can enter weather, to-do, reminders, meetings and other issues instructions, from the expected Microsoft digital assistant to give the corresponding response.

Windows 10 20H1更新将于明年年初向普通消费者推送

(Cortana feature improvements)

Then there are the improvements in optional updates: Microsoft is revising the Windows Update page to include optional updates, such as drivers, monthly non-security updates, and other patch information.

Optional updates are automatically detected and listed on the new page. Users who need it can access it from Settings – updates and security – Windows Update – sgt; view optional updates.

For users who want to update drivers, this means that you can easily get the appropriate version updates without the need for browser device manager. Even some of the latest drivers are available only through the manufacturer’s website.

Windows 10 20H1更新将于明年年初向普通消费者推送

Then there’s the experience improvement sleet with Bluetooth pairing: Windows PC automatically detects nearby supported Bluetooth devices, such as the Surface keyboard/mouse, and starts the pairing process.

For users, Windows 10 20H1 saves a lot of time because you don’t have to find a ‘Bluetooth’ project on the Settings page and manually enable the pairing process.

The Bluetooth pairing process is quickly completed in Action Center, and the bubble notification interface adds a “off” button.

Windows 10 20H1更新将于明年年初向普通消费者推送

(Windows 20H1 introduces cloud reset)

Previously, Microsoft allowed users to reinstall/restore the operating system via a system recovery disc or USB drive. But in Windows 10 20H1, Microsoft added a cloud reset feature.

With Cloud Recovery, users can speed up the recovery process with a high-speed Internet connection. You can download Windows 10 images directly from Microsoft servers without having to prepare a USB stick or disc.

Finally, there are improvements to Task Manager: Microsoft added GPU temperature monitoring and disk type options to Task Manager.

In addition, Microsoft has updated the Game Bar to introduce native FPS frame count display to help players monitor game performance.

To add, with the WIndows 10 20H1 update, Microsoft also brought a new notepad to the Windows Store to facilitate faster development of the utility.

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