Gorn’s press conference highlights full: Full denial of allegations revealed behind the scenes

Beijing time 9, from Japan fled to Lebanon, former Nissan Chairman Ghosn Beijing time on Wednesday night in Beirut held a media conference, in response to questions. At the meeting, Mr. Ghosn gave a sweeping denial to Japanese prosecutors about allegations that he had misreported personal income, transferred money to his sister, paid for a house, and repeatedly criticized Nissan and the Japanese government for their “cruel” treatment.

Gorn's press conference highlights full: Full denial of allegations revealed behind the scenes

“They don’t treat me as an adult, they treat me like an animal or an object, and I can only meet my wife with surveillance,” Ghosn said. If I stay in Japan, I might die in Japan, and I feel like a hostage. “

Here are the highlights of Ghosn’s press conference:

Full denial of the allegations

About underreporting income

Mr. Ghosn said foreign directors wanted to be paid through exchange-rate contracts, which would not add to the company’s costs or cost the company, a unanimous vote by the board of directors that many Nissan executives signed.

About the misuse of CEO reserves

‘There’s a process for CEO reserve spending, and there’s a lot of consideration, ‘ Mr. Ghosn said. Of course, first there is the law, then there is the prosecutor, the chief operating officer, and finally I, every amount of money from the CEO reserve to pay according to this process.

“It’s not that I’m the only one whose signature is on it, and when people agree on the budget, there will be a lot of people signing it when they pay.” It’s all false to say that the CEO reserve is that I take the money and give it to my friends. Ghosn said.

Complaint about the Palace of Versailles: It’s free to use

Mr Ghosn said they accused me of having a spending at the Palace of Versailles. We already have a million euros in funding for the Palace of Versailles, and they let me use the meeting room to thank me, and I invited many friends to the Palace of Versailles to celebrate my 15th anniversary party, which the Palace of Versailles is free for us to use. I pay for their people and meals, but there’s a bit of a problem with the presentation of the payment on the account, it’s not a matter of my personal ethics.

About Paying Dealers: Incentive Fees for Dealers Are Normal

“The Middle East market is very important and I want to change the way they do business, so it’s more profitable for the company to get a lot of money every time i do it,” Mr Ghosn said. Prosecutors said I had a special connection with the local people, so I gave the dealer these incentive fees, in fact, these incentive costs are very normal. “

About misappropriating Nissan funds to buy properties around the world: These properties aren’t mine

‘They also say I have properties all over the world, but these are Nissan properties, and they say it’s a private property that Nissan secretly owns,’ Mr. Ghosn said. ‘It was a private property that Nissan executives signed with them in 2013, and I could use two Nissan houses in Brazil and Lebanon, and it’s the company’s house. And i can buy back these two properties after my service is over, it’s not secretly held, it was signed by the company’s executives at the time, and the legal finance and local staff who bought the two properties in the company’s name were signed, so the charge is against my personal style.

About the consultation fee for relatives

‘About my sister, they said I gave her a contract and she got a sum of money for nothing she did, ‘ says Ghosn. Why use them, because she is the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Rio de Janeiro, and he chose Rio de Janeiro as the choice of our new plant, is a great choice for Nissan, why is this thank you, mainly because she made this choice for us to facilitate the location and construction of this new plant, Who signed the document, he said I signed it, he said I didn’t notice, I don’t know I signed the document. But such a dispute, the prosecutor is satisfied, I do not agree.

Denying that I’m a dictator: I worked for Nissan for 17 years and now say I’m a dictator?

“Do you find out in 2018 that I’m a dictator?” said Mr. Ghosn. During my 17 years of work, many university professors, including the world’s leading business schools, have interviewed me about writing these books on business management, and no one has found me a dictator. Why did you find out i was a dictator after 17 years? “

On escape: No comment

“I’m not going to reveal the escape plan, ” Ghosn said. ‘The baseless media attacks were planned by Japan.

Why I’m fleeing Japan: I might die if I stay

“I have no choice but to flee Japan, ” Ghosn said. “They (the Japanese prosecution) don’t treat me like a person, they treat me as an animal or an object, and I can only meet my wife with surveillance and surveillance.” Their prosecutors are the boss and can do whatever they want. They’ve been dragging their feet, and I think a quick trial is a human right for anyone, but I don’t enjoy it at all. If I stay in Japan, I might die in Japan, and I feel like a hostage. “

Why you choose to flee to Lebanon: Consider the ease of transportation

“I left Japan without a cell phone, and no one followed me, and I left alone, so it was a form of persecution, an obvious persecution,” Ghosn said. I have now escaped this persecution, so there are widespread reports of me portraying me as evil. I left Japan because I wanted justice, and as long as there was a court of bias, I would seize it as soon as I had that opportunity. I chose Lebanon because I’m Lebanese, I can choose Brazil, and I can choose France. But I chose Lebanon in the light of the main transportation convenience. “

Nissan Conspiracy Theory

“I was arrested in a conspiracy by Nissan and the prosecutor,” Ghosn said. “For more than 400 days of inhuman torture, I had no choice but to go, there was no evidence of my allegations, they didn’t release all my documents,” Mr Ghosn said. Why don’t they let me have a press conference? They harassed my wife and monitored all my actions. They told me from the start that I had to confess, they didn’t want to find the truth, they just wanted me to confess. The 14-month pain was orchestrated by some people with ulterior motives and was an organized plot. “

Whether the Japanese government is involved: Japan’s highest level is not considered to be involved

“I personally don’t think the highest levels in Japan are involved,” Ghosn said. I have to keep my promise, and I want to make sure that there is no more tension between Japan and Lebanon, and that’s it. As long as I feel i can get a fair trial, I am willing to stand trial anywhere, as long as someone can assure me. When I was in Japan, I asked lawyers if they could get a fair trial. They were very embarrassed. This worries me because even my lawyer can’t assure me of that. “

List of “Behind the Scenes”

Mr Ghosn pointed out that the “behind-the-scenes” behind his arrest included Toyota and the Japanese government, in addition to Nissan. “I can say that the Japanese government is involved, but I am in Lebanon, and I do not want to influence the interests of the Lebanese government and the people, so I will not name the government.” “

He listed Nissan executives involved in the “conspiracy”:

Former Nissan CEO Nishikawa

Toshiaki Onuma, former senior executive of Nissan

Hari Nada, former head of legal at Nissan

Masakazu Toyoda, director of Nissan’s Appointment Sym.

Former Nissan Internal Audit Hidetoshi Imazu

Hitoshi Kawaguchi, former executive vice president for external and government affairs at Nissan

Nissan leaves me nothing.

“After my arrest, Nissan lost $40 million a day, ” Ghosn said. “You can see that nissan’s market value has evaporated by $10 billion since I was arrested, and they’ve lost $40 million every day I get arrested.” So, from my arrest to now, it should be said that 5 billion euros have been lost, a loss of 12 million euros a day.

The Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance has collapsed.

‘I was very clear about the future strategy of the three companies, now that the alliance has broken down and profits have fallen, I’ve seen you lose a lot of opportunities, And I can’t believe it,’ Mr. Ghosn said. ‘Indeed, the fact is that there is no future for these three brands.’

About the International Wanted Notice

Ghosn: I know Interpol is looking for me and i’m in communication with a lawyer. I’m much freer in Lebanon than in Japan, but I’m not going to stop there, I’m going to prove my innocence.

Harsh criticism of Japan’s judicial system: I’m fleeing political persecution

Ghosn said Japan’s judicial system is lacking in justice, the allegations they make are unsubstantiated, and the Japanese judiciary is dragging its feet. “They detained me, kept looking at the papers, spent 14 months persecuting me, and they prosecuted me for slurs, not strict at all. “I want to prove to myself that I have fled political persecution and I hope there will be a fair and free trial in the future. “

The second trial was pushed beyond 2021.

Ghosn: When I lost all hope for a fair trial, I made the decision to flee. When the trial was held in November, the judge told me that a second trial would be held in September 2020, and I was still very happy. But at the pre-trial stage, he told me that the prosecutor was not allowed to conduct two trials at the same time, which meant that I had no way to conduct a second trial in September 2020. They pushed the second trial beyond 2021, and that’s not going to change, no matter what defense we’re defending.

Willing to accept a fair trial: Japanese lawyers can’t guarantee

As long as I feel i can get a fair trial, I am willing to stand trial anywhere, as long as someone can assure me. My lawyer couldn’t assure me at the time, and I asked them many times while i was in Japan. I said I could get a fair trial. They were very embarrassed and they said we would do everything we could to get you to a fair trial. This worries me because even my lawyer can’t assure me of that.