Tesla crashes back into fire truck, killing one person

BEIJING( 8 (Xinhua) — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said Wednesday it will investigate a car accident in Indiana on December 29 last year. In the accident, a Tesla Model 3 crashed into a fire truck parked on the side of the road, killing a passenger on the Tesla vehicle. It was the 14th crash involving Tesla Autopilot or other advanced driver assistance systems investigated by NHTSA, and the third recent investigation by the agency involving Tesla.

Tesla crashes back into fire truck, killing one person


Last month, a Tesla Model 3 crashed into a parked police car on a major highway near Norwalk, Connecticut. According to police, the highway patrol car was stopping in the left-center middle lane of Interstate 95 to rescue an SUV that had broken down. There were no casualties in the accident.

In 2018, there were two Tesla tailback fire engine accidents in the United States. Although there were no casualties in these accidents, they raised questions about the use and limitations of advanced driver assistance technologies, which are difficult to detect stationary objects.

Tesla’s manual cautions that the Autopilot system does not handle this situation well: “Traffic detection cruise control technology does not detect all objects and may not brake/slow down when encountering a stationary vehicle, especially if it is more than 80 km/h, or when the vehicle in front of you changes lanes and the front becomes a stationary vehicle or object.” “