LandWind X7 copying land rover case settled: the highest court insisted on compensation of 1.5 million

Recently, the Supreme Law rejected Jiangling Holding’s application for a second retrial, ruling that LandWind X7 copied Land Rover Range Rover Aurora design. Since then, the LandWind plagiarism Land Rover case has finally settled, Land Rover won the case. Land Rover Aurora is the most popular SUV model in China, which also directly brought fire to a number of domestic models, including the land wind X7 is the leader. LandWind X7’s biggest “bright spot” is its appearance, just out, can be said to be a high imitation of Land Rover Aurora, but its price of about 100,000 yuan is only 1/4 of the Land Rover Aurora, ultra-high “cost-effective” so that the X7 this model hot, once sold more than 20,000 cars a month.

Land Rover is also very dissatisfied with this, with the hand of the appearance of patents , and finally in March 2019, the Chaoyang District Court in Beijing ruled that the LandWind X7 car has five model designs are directly copied land Rover Range Rover Aurora design. According to the court’s decision, Jiangling Holdings immediately stopped the “unfair competition” involved, immediately stopped production, discontinued the sale of two Specific Models of the LandWind X7, issued a statement on the official website and in the media, and paid 1.5 million yuan in compensation to Jaguar Land Rover.

However, Jiangling Holdings refused to accept the judgment and applied for a second retrial. In the end, the Supreme Law rejected Jiangling Holdings Co., Ltd.’s application for retrial on the basis of insufficient basis and the error of facts.

Lufeng X7 copy land rover case dust settled: the highest law a hammer tone compensation 1.5 million