Reusable cup sleeve SLIPPY – both hand protectors and helps reduce marine plastic waste

Plastic waste is already a global problem, foreign media reported. According to the Marine Conservation Society, as much as 8 million pounds of material enter our oceans each year, and plastic has been found in 60 percent of seagulls and 100 percent of sea turtles. The way we choose to dispose of plastics on land will help reduce this waste and pollution of our marine environment. At the same time, Americans use a large number of disposable coffee cup sleeve every year. So what if plastic waste can be reduced and a sustainable alternative to a cardboard coffee cup sleeve?

可重复使用的杯套SLIPPY - 既可护手又有助于减少海洋塑料垃圾

That’s what SLIPPY does. Zach Craine, an entrepreneur and marine enthusiast from North Carolina, has created the perfect solution to keep our drinks hot and cold and safe, and to help reduce marine plastic waste. Slippy is a reusable cup set made from 100% marine plastic waste. Each is made of a plastic bottle.

可重复使用的杯套SLIPPY - 既可护手又有助于减少海洋塑料垃圾

Plastic bottles are collected from coastal areas where there may not be the best waste management. They are then shipped to a factory in the Carolinas and turned into colorful cup sets. Compared to traditional cup-set manufacturing, SLIPPY uses 73% less water, 67% less energy consumption, 55% reduction in chemicals, and SLIPPY is the only product that uses 100% marine plastic waste.

SLIPPY was founded by the Freaker team, which has been in the business since 2011 and has stood out from shows such as Shark Tank. They are passionate about providing consumers with quality products to help improve the environment.

SLIPPY has now landed kickstarter to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

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