Sonos sues Google for patent infringement: If there’s money to sue Amazon

On January 9th, according tomedia reports, The U.S. smart speaker company Sonos has filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging that the latter blatantly violated its patented technology. Sonos also recently disclosed that it would consider suing Amazon for the same reason if it had enough money to fund it. In a patent infringement lawsuit against Google, Sonos said its technology was used “knowingly and blatantly” by Google in its own speakers.

Sonos sues Google for patent infringement: If there's money to sue Amazon

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“Google has been blatantly and knowingly copying our patented technology,” Patrick Spence, Sonos’ chief executive, said in a statement. Despite our repeated and extensive efforts over the past few years, Google has shown no willingness to work with us to reach mutually beneficial solutions. We had no choice but to file a lawsuit. “

Sonos executives also say that financial constraints alone have left them without enough money to file similar lawsuits against Amazon over the same issue.

At the heart of the case began in 2013, when Google agreed to make its music service compatible with Sonos speakers. Sonos executives now say they naively provided Google with a blueprint for their smart speakers in the process. At the time, Google had not made speakers, so they felt there was no conflict.

As early as 2013, Google acquired Sonos’ multi-room patented technology by teaming up with Sonos to integrate Google Play Music into the Sonos platform, the lawsuit said. Just two years later, however, Google launched Chromecast Audio, its first wireless multi-room audio product, and began deliberately infringing Sonos’ patents.

“Since 2015, Google’s theft of Sonos patented technology has grown exponentially as Google has expanded its wireless multi-room audio system to more than a dozen different infringing products, including Google Home Mini, Google Home, Google Home,” the lawsuit says. Max as well as Pixel phones, tablets, laptops, etc. To make matters worse, Google has not changed its behavior, even though Sonos has warned of abuses on at least four separate occasions since 2016. “

In response, Jose Castaneda, a Google spokesman, said the company denied any wrongdoing. “We are disappointed that Sonos has filed these lawsuits rather than continuing negotiations in good faith,” he said. We dispute these claims and will vigorously defend them. “

Similarly, Amazon spokeswoman Natalie Hereth said the company did not infringe Sonos’ patents. “The Echo range of devices and our multi-room music technology were developed independently by Amazon,” she says. “

Sonos insists that Google has infringed about 100 patents, but the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in California focuses on five patents, one of which covers how wireless speakers connect and sync with each other.

Sonos asked for a jury trial and an unspecified financial damages and an injunction preventing Google from continuing its alleged infringement. The company said it first sued Google because it could not afford a protracted legal battle with google and Amazon.