Japan’s justice minister hits back at Ghosn: Intolerable, unforgivable

Japanese Justice Minister Yoshihide Satoshi Mori said Thursday that the charges against Japan’s judicial system at a press conference were “completely intolerable.” Mr. Ghosn told a press conference late Wednesday that he had been “cruelly” treated by Tokyo prosecutors, who questioned him for eight hours a day without a lawyer and tried to extract a confession from him.

Japan's justice minister hits back at Ghosn: Intolerable, unforgivable

Senyatissue issued a statement shortly after midnight on Wednesday to hit back at Mr. Ghosn’s allegations and reiterated that Mr. Ghosn’s escape from the trial “could constitute a crime in itself.” The statement was translated into English and French.

“Under the system of any country, such acts cannot be forgiven, ” Mori said. Moreover, Ghosn’s continued dissemination of false information about the Japanese legal system and its practices, both domestically and internationally, is absolutely intolerable. “

Defending the authorities’ detention of Mr. Ghosn, Mr. Mori said that in Japan, a suspect could only be arrested after a judge’s review, unlike detention without an arrest warrant in some countries.

“I will continue to actively provide information and answer questions to ensure that people around the world have a more accurate understanding of the Criminal Justice System in Japan,” she said. “

“If the defendant, Gorn, has anything to say, I strongly hope that he will do everything possible to present his case within the framework of Japan’s fair criminal justice process and seek a fair trial in the Japanese courts,” Mori added.