Tesla’s Shanghai plant builds 3,000 vehicles a week

Recently, a video of the construction process of Tesla’s Shanghai Super Engineering Plant was revealed. On January 7 this year, the Tesla Super plant officially started construction in Shanghai’s Lingang Industrial Zone. The plant’s annual production scale of 250,000 pure electric vehicles, including Model 3 and other series of models. Tesla’s performance at the Shanghai plant is key to the delivery of 360,000 electric vehicles this year, foreign media reported.

特斯拉上海工厂搭建过程曝光 周产量达3000辆

Tesla’s Shanghai Super factory builds

Tesla’s Shanghai superplant already has production capacity and is now awaiting the approval process, which can be formally produced and sold immediately after the process is complete, said Tao Lin, global vice president of Tesla. The first phase is expected to produce 3,000 vehicles per week.

Shanghai Tesla Super Plant 3 Construction Progress Updated to October 25

“At the Shanghai Super plant, we have trialled the vehicle, from body to paint to assembly,” Tesla wrote in its third-quarter 2019 letter to shareholders. We have reached the initial milestones related to the manufacturing license and are working to confirm the final license and meet other government requirements before embarking on mass production and delivery at the Shanghai Super plant. ”

Earlier, Tesla announced that the model 3 standard life-extended upgrade (Made in China) model, which comes with a standard version of the basic driver-assisted feature, is officially available for booking, starting at RMB355,800 and is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of next year.

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