Mercedes-Benz BMW Joint Venture Travel Company Expands Operations to Buy Tesla Cars

At present, the private car market in the global market continues to be depressed, but the car ride travel market is indeed unusually hot. See the taxi market cake bigger and bigger, many car companies by virtue of their own operating vehicle advantages have also entered the game, and the global luxury brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW is no exception. Previously, Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler and BMW jointly funded the Free Now ride-sharing app, which provides taxi services to passengers for the European market.

But to the surprise of Free Now, a joint venture of Mercedes-Benz BMW, has purchased 60 Tesla all-electric cars in order to expand its operations, instead of the Mercedes-Benz and BMW-branded cars.

“Free Now, a subsidiary of BMW and Daimler, wants to continue expanding in other German cities,”media reported on January 8. An electric car fleet is needed to expand, with 60 Tesla cars to be launched in Hamburg. “Last year, Free Now’s users in Germany increased by 20 per cent a year, and the number of drivers increased by 27 per cent to 28,000. “

Free Now, formerly known as MyTaxi, is a simple taxi app for European releases. Daimler bought the company back in 2014. But surprisingly, last year Daimler announced a joint venture with rival BMW, which has invested more than $1bn in Free Now.

And as a joint venture of Mercedes-Benz BMW, it is true that many people are surprised that the expansion vehicle does not choose both. But back combing Mercedes-Benz, BMW’s product line can also understand a lot of reasons.

The choice of pure electric vehicles as taxi travel operating vehicles is also the practice in most countries in the world, but BMW’s first pure electric car iX3 is still in the workshop verification, still not available.

Although Mercedes-Benz’s first all-electric vehicle, EQC, has been on the market, its domestic starting price reached 5798 million yuan. Tesla is clearly more attractive to the travel company’s operating drivers than the Tesla Model 3, which sells for less than $300,000 in the German market.

Mercedes-Benz BMW Joint Venture Travel Company Expands Operations to Buy Tesla Cars