TSMC rejects U.S. lobbying: cost limits, not feasible for u.S. fabs

Last year, U.S. media released reports about spy chips, which were clarified by many parties, but made the Pentagon sensitive. After all, in addition to commercial customers such as Apple and AMD, TSMC also makes chips for DARPA ( U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency). Last month it was reported that senior Us officials had approached TSMC to lobby the latter to move production of sensitive chips to the US.


In this regard, TSMC chairman and co-CEO Liu Deyin recently said that the United States has not been directly linked to TSMC. It is TSMC’s U.S. customers who are under pressure to move production facilities back to the U.S.

Liu Deyin believes that due to cost constraints, it is not feasible to move TSMC to the United States. He pointed out that TSMC will next open a new research institute in Hsinchu to explore advanced materials after silicon.

According to TSMC’s road map, silicon will come to an end in the 2nm era, after which new substrates such as carbon nanotubes may be replaced.

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