TCL, Juhua to conquer OLED core technology: the first 31 inch inkjet printing can be coiled flexible panel

In this CES exhibition, Samsung, LG and other companies have shown a lot of next-generation display technology, with Huaxing photopanel company TCL company in conjunction with Guangdong Juhua company showed a 31-inch inkjet printing can be coiled flexible prototype, This means that they have mastered a better inkjet print OLED panel process than the existing OELD process.

TCL’s Huaxing Optoelectronics is the second largest LCD panel company in China, OLED field is also in a fast chase, and Guangdong Juhua company is not small, set up in Guangzhou in 2014, Huaxing Optoelectronics, Tianma Microelectronics, CLP Panda, South China University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Fuzhou University, The Fujian Institute of The Chinese Academy of Sciences is a shareholder, mainly engaged in printing and flexible display technology research and development, focusing on tackling the printing display industry’s common key technologies, “National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center” is in this company.

The launch of the 31-inch OLED panel is the second time they have demonstrated inkjet printing process OLED technology at CES. The current OLED mainly uses vacuum steaming process, Samsung, Beijing Oriental have started this process of OELD production line, the benefits of high precision, the cost is high, and vacuum steaming machine is currently only Canon’s Canon Tokki can produce, Samsung’s ability to preempt other companies to launch OLED panels is also linked to previous years with the signing of an exclusive supply agreement with Canon Tokki, a device that is key to the development of domestic OLED panels, similar to the lithographs in semiconductor processes.

Inkjet printing OLED process is not the same, because it does not need FMM (fine metal mask), so it has the advantages of simple device structure, high material utilization, large area, low cost and flexibility, is an important development direction of the future display.

TCL, Juhua to conquer OLED core technology: the first 31 inch inkjet printing can be coiled flexible panel

Guangdong Juhua and TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics through the development of prototype, is gradually conquering the flexible backplate technology, high-precision inkjet printing Mura-free technology, flexible packaging technology and can be coiled flexible mechanism and other technical difficulties, in order to achieve large-size printing can be coiled around the flexible OLED display technology to lay the foundation for mass production, Provide more new applications for future large-size display products.

Specifically, this 31-inch OLED panel for the TFT backlight light source, top transmitter component structure, opening rate of more than 50%, white field brightness of 200nits, the whole machine DCI-P3 color gamut reached 90% (no color filter film), the world’s first printing technology-based winding flexible OLED prototype.

However, inkjet printing OELD has not yet a large-scale mass production, TCL and Guangdong Juhua company did not mention when to mass production of such panels.