Samsung announces 290-person layoff: Exynos chip development business or affected

In the mobile processor industry, Qualcomm’s popularity is clearly higher. At the same time, the company faces long-term competition from several rivals, such as MediaTek, Haisi Kirin, and Samsung Exynos. However, Samsung has just announced that it will cut 290 jobs at its research and development office in Austin, Texas. Foreign media speculated that the move could have a significant impact on the subsequent development of Samsung’s ARM-based Exynos chip.

三星宣布裁员290人 Exynos芯片研发业务或受影响

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The ARM processors on the market are more complex than Intel and AMD’s x86 products — ARM Holdings licenses IP to Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek, and others, rather than responsible for the production of each chip.

IP licensing allows businesses to customize on an official basis, such as Qualcomm’s Kryo or Samsung’s Exynos Core. However, the disadvantage of doing so is that the family has the burden of research and development.

If a company’s core business is silicon chip manufacturing, the problem is not very big. But if the group were to focus on other businesses, there could be some “delays” in this area.

It now appears that Samsung has decided to re-evaluate its chip making business, despite the praise for Exynos’ performance, perhaps a little higher energy consumption. In the future, the company may choose arm’s public design more to make up for the losses.

Nearly 300 research and development office employees are expected to lose their jobs by the end of 2019, but Samsung has yet to make any official statement on the impact on Exynos’ chip development plans.

Still, we’re looking forward to Samsung’s next-generation flagship smartphone, especially if the Exynos 990 is released soon.

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