AMD: 7nm Zen2 notebook processor to be released early next year, 2020 will be the year of seeing more product

In an interview with VB at last week’s earnings analyst meeting, AMD CEO Dr. Su Zifeng touched on a number of interesting topics. Key new products, Su Zifeng revealed that the 7nm Zen 2 architecture-based notebook processor will be shipped in early 2020.

AMD:7nm Zen2笔记本处理器明年初发布、2020将是产品大年

Other processors, Su pointed out that the latest 64-core EPYC Processor for data centers has a performance advantage over Intel. As for desktop processors, she concludes that her share has increased in the last seven or eight quarters.

In terms of semi-custom chips, AMD, which has reduced the capacity of its console chips, has tilted its resources toward the PS5-Xbox Scarboard, and she remains bullish on the growth of the semi-custom business in the second half of next year.

Graphics, the reporter asked about Intel next year to launch a unique view, Su Zifeng believes that we are very serious and serious about competition, there is new blood into the high-performance graphics market is a great vitality. As for the partnership with Samsung, Su said it is both IP licensing and joint development, and hopes Radeon technology will cover more areas, including mobile low-power scenarios.

According to Su, 2019 is the year of AMD products, and next year will still be the same, or even better.

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