Transport Department responds to high-speed price hikes: ensure sulats are 10% cheaper than previous fares

On the morning of January 9, the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference on the situation and work arrangements for the 2020 Spring Festival Games. And in response to the recent high-speed toll increases, which have caused heated discussion among car owners, the Ministry of Transport spokesman also responded. According to Wang Yang, chief engineer of the Ministry of Transport, the recent reaction to the high-speed toll increase is mainly for some truck drivers. After the truck-passing highway was changed to a per-axle charge, the total weight of the truck was lower than the average tonnage.

Transport Department responds to high-speed price hikes: ensure sulats are 10% cheaper than previous fares


However, the current charges still meet the “two guarantees, one reduction” requirements set out in the previous new high-speed toll rules, that is, to ensure that the overall burden of truck tolls is not increased, to ensure that the same fee model in the standard state of the amount of fees payable is not greater than the amount of centralized charges To achieve the new charging standard corresponding to the tonnage ratio of weight charges when the full-load tonnage decreased by at least 10%.

Moreover, on January 5 this year, the transport departments of the provinces, through the website formula and the establishment of high-speed toll fee details plates at toll stations, fully published the toll spending standards for goods vehicles in the administrative area, and accepted the supervision of all sectors of the community.

Previously, China’s highways generally implement truck export heavy charges. And in order to better promote truck transport also speed up efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

From January 1 this year, the newly revised classification standard uses the total number of vehicles as the first indicator of the classification of truck models, implements the provisions of the truck traffic high-speed toll by axle, and simultaneously implements the closed highway toll station entrance without parking weighing testing, overweight over-limiting trucks will not be able to drive on to high speed.

In addition, in response to the increase in tolls for trucks, the Ministry of Transport’s Road Bureau Road Network Management Office has made a corresponding statement, and said that after the implementation of the new toll requirements.

Trucks are fully loaded to implement a charge, although the truck in the case of empty or not full charge will be higher than the previous charge rules, but in full load, the truck charge is significantly lower than before.