Disney CEO admits release of Star Wars films is too frequent

Bob Iger, Disney’s chief executive, is promoting his new book recently. But in a recent radio interview, he acknowledged that the release of the Star Wars series was a bit too intensive and that it planned to “slow down” appropriately in the future. Gizmodo reports that Bob Iger believes Disney has produced and released too many Star Wars films in a short period of time. Although not too disappointed with their performance, i still feel that the series is better than making fewer shots.


Star Wars (from: Disney, via Cnet)

Bob Iger has previously talked about similar issues, claiming that he was to blame for the initial schedule and the amount of Star Wars content scheduled.

After a box-office push for an independent film from Hangouts Solo, Disney has finally decided to recalibrate its established strategy. Even so, there are many Future Star Wars movies worth looking forward to.

Kathleen Kennedy, Lucas’s chief executive, has announced that the DB brothers’ Star Wars trilogy project has been frozen.

But there are still plans for the “Manalvary” episode in 2019 to land on the Disney Plus streaming subscription platform, and The Rise of Skywalker will be released on the theater.

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