(Pictured) Windows 7 stops supportnext: KDE community woos users to use Linux release

The KDE community recently shared detailed initiatives on how to help Windows 7 users migrate to the Linux platform and Plasma desktop environment after they stopped supporting them on January 14, 2020. Starting next week (January 14), Microsoft will no longer provide updates and security patches to Windows 7 users, meaning that if it does not upgrade to Windows 10 or other operating systems (e.g. macOS, GNU/Linux releases) it will be targeted by hackers and threats.

(Pictured) Windows 7 stops supportnext: KDE community woos users to use Linux release

For Windows 7 users who don’t want to upgrade Windows 10 but want security, the KDE community wants to get this group of users to try to install a GNU/Linux release with a Plasm desktop environment that can easily switch to the KDE theme with similar look and operating logic to Windows 7 and provide Linux security and stability.

“Instead of migrating to Windows 10 and enduring hours of updates and a variety of ads embedded in your app, install the Linux operating system for plasma desktop environments,” KDE wrote in the community. It takes you only 30 minutes to get up and running, with all the features and ease of use of Plasma, as well as the security and stability provided by the Linux platform. “

Of course, the first question Windows 7 users might ask is, can my favorite apps and games run on Linux? The solution provided by the KDE community for this problem is the KDE Application Community, which provides rich applications, and Wine Wine, which simulates a Windows environment running most applications.

If you’re a Windows gamer, don’t worry too much, because you can continue to play your favorite games on Linux, because Steam for Linux now supports thousands of games, plus Proton, a tool that can be used for Windows games, It can be run on the Linux operating system.