Photo app David’s Disposable reaches App Store millions of downloads

Recently, YouTube creator David B launched the “David’s Disposable” photo app, which has become quite popular among its fan base. By the time of writing, the app had been downloaded “far more than 1 million” on the Apple App Store, according to people familiar with the matter. Although no exact data has been disclosed, it says the app’s heat is accelerating.

Photo app David's Disposable reaches App Store millions of downloads

(From: App Store, via TheVerge)

David’s Disposable is understood to be an ad-supported app. However, with a $1 subscription fee, you can turn on all premium service content.

On Apple’s “Most Popular Free App” list on the App Store, David’s Disposable briefly dropped to No. 1, surpassing the Disney-plus streaming video-on-demand app and Instagram photo-sharing social software.

Even now, the app is included in a selection of “user-favorite apps” sections.

On YouTube (and even TikTok), there are a number of videos reviewing the app and instructing you on how to take more “shot- and stand-up” photos of fool-like cameras with some tips and suggestions.

In fact, the meteors that online celebrities drive the app are nothing new. Dobrik and his little friends initially wanted to record life in a fun way. But through a series of operations, they managed to attract 3 million followers on Instagram.

After downloading the app and taking a photo, people have to wait until 9 a.m. the next day to see the photo effect of the simulated “print”. Of course, you can also submit your print requirements directly in your app and wait about three weeks.