Strategy Analytics: Apple AirPods sell nearly 60 million in 2019

On January 10th, the latest research report by the Strategy Analytics Device Technology (EDT) team, Global Bluetooth Headset Sales and Revenue Forecast 2001-2024, estimated that Apple AirPods will sell nearly 60 million in 2019. As a category, sales of fullwireless (TWS) Bluetooth headsets grew by 200% in 2019. Apple will dominate this segment.

Ken Hyers, Director of Strategy Analytics, said: “Apple’s AirPods dominate the full wireless Bluetooth headset segment in terms of sales and revenue. Even if other vendors enter the field, Apple will still dominate the category by the middle of the next decade. “

The Full Wireless (TWS) headset is a Bluetooth stereo headset and does not have a wire connection to both headphones. Apple’s AirPods are the best-selling example of a wireless Bluetooth headset, created by Apple since its first AirPods in 2016.

Strategy Analytics: Apple AirPods sell nearly 60 million in 2019

“The market for fully wireless Bluetooth headsets is broad, and the price of their chipsets is plummeting,” says Ken Hyers. Their prices have halved in the past six months, opening the door to dozens or even hundreds of new manufacturers offering cheap, fully wireless Bluetooth headsets. Sales of low-end versions of fully wireless Bluetooth headsets have surged as prices have fallen. Consumers who can’t afford apple, Bose, Samsung and other companies with high-end full-wireless Bluetooth headsets now have a lot of cheaper headphones to choose from. “

In 2019, full wireless Bluetooth headsets saw revenues rise by more than 200 percent, compared with 71 percent for Apple. By 2024, wholesale revenues will exceed $100 billion. “Full wireless Bluetooth headsets are rapidly becoming a new source of revenue for many smartphone makers,” says Ukonaho. With the help of Beats and AirPods, Apple’s earnings on non-iPhones will soar in the future. “

“Apple is an undisputed leader in the wireless Bluetooth headset segment, and while it will continue to be a leader in this category, there are plenty of opportunities for other vendors to explore their own territory,” said Ville-Petteri Ukonaho. “