Boeing employees have derided the 737MAX as a “clown design monkey supervisor”.

Boeing on Thursday released hundreds of internal emails showing that its employees were concerned about the development of the 737 Max simulator and questioned the safety of the 737 Max, sparking outrage among U.S. lawmakers. The emails are part of more than 100 pages of documents boeing submitted to a U.S. House and Senate committee on Thursday and made public, containing Boeing’s apology.

Boeing 737 Max (pictured: Boeing official website, via TheVerge)

Boeing said the documents, which do not reflect the company’s current situation, were completely unacceptable, and that the company regretted the communications and apologized to the FAA, Congress, passengers and the public.

Many of the emails are in 2017 and 2018, and the development process and quality of the 737 Max aircraft simulator are discussed.

In an April 2017 email, two Boeing employees expressed their displeasure with the 737 Max, saying, “The plane was designed by a clown and overseen by a monkey.” ”

Some of the information details the development of the Boeing 737 Max simulator and suggests that Boeing obtain FAA approval under false pretences.

“I still don’t get God’s forgiveness because I did the cover-up last year,” one of the employees said in a 2018 email, apparently pointing to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to cover up the 737Max problem.

Boeing has previously said it is confident that all Of’s simulators are working effectively after backtesting. However, after the documents were made public, Boeing may face delays again if it wants to return the 737 Max.

Another employee emailed a colleague, “Would you put your family on a MAX simulator training plane?” I won’t. His colleagues also replied, “No.” “