Shenzhen will be the first in the country to achieve full coverage of 5G network and independent network

On January 8, the 8th session of the 6th National People’s Congress of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Mayor Chen Rugui made a government work report, disclosed: Shenzhen in 2020 to build a cumulative base station 45,000, the first in the country to achieve full coverage of 5G infrastructure and independent networking, at the same time, the implementation of intelligent network car and other application demonstration projects, to create 5G innovation most active, should be With the most scene-rich city.

Shenzhen will be the first in the country to achieve full coverage of 5G network and independent network

It is reported that on December 19, 2019, with the successful opening of the 15,000th 5G base station, shenzhen 2019 5G base station construction task was completed ahead of schedule, creating a new “Shenzhen speed”.

Shenzhen’s next goal will be to build the world’s leading high-quality, full-coverage 5G communications network, vigorously promote 5G application demonstration, and create a world-class 5G industrial cluster.

Shenzhen will focus on the cultivation and construction of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, Longhua Kowloon Mountain, Longgang Baolong Science and Technology City, Shenzhen Bay Robotics Town, Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Services Cooperation Zone five 5G industrial clusters. By the end of 2022, we will strive to create two 5G industrial clusters with a value of more than 100 billion yuan.

On September 4, 2019, Shenzhen held a 5G construction mobilization conference. According to “Shenzhen City on the first 5G infrastructure coverage and promote the high-quality development of 5G industry” proposed, by the end of 2019, the city of Shenzhen to build 15,000 5G base stations, by the end of August 2020, that is, the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Administrative Region, a total of 45,000 5G base stations; By the end of August 2020, shenzhen will be the first to achieve full coverage of the city’s 5G network, 5G base station construction density to achieve a national leader.

In order to encourage operators, in response to the difficult location of base stations reflected by telecommunications operators and key enterprises, high operating costs, power charges and other problems, the Measures put forward to reduce the cost of 5G electricity, increase the opening of resources in public places, the establishment of a cable-mounted green channel and other specific measures to solve. The corresponding rewards shall be given to telecom operators that have completed their construction targets on time and built 5G base stations under the independent networking (SA) model.

The Measures propose that telecommunication operators will give priority to 5G network coverage in the areas of 5G application key projects in the ten major areas of transportation, police, urban management, power, water, health care, education, tourism, security, and port, and support Shenzhen to build a number of 5G industry benchmark projects in the areas of industrial Internet, intelligent network-connected vehicles, AR/VR, 8K video, telemedicine, smart security, smart energy, smart factories, ports, and smart parks.

After the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a 5G licence on June 6 last year, local governments raised their targets for the construction of 5G base stations for the year, after similar policies to encourage 5G development in Beijing and Shanghai. The importance attached to the construction of 5G base stations in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong reflects the urgent attitude towards industrial transformation and upgrading. Of course, this is also a test of the financial capacity of the operating enterprises, with the total capital expenditure budget of the three operators projected to reach RMB302 billion in 2019, the probability of 5G actual capital expenditure spending exceeding the budget, and the total capital expenditure of the telecommunications market significantly increased throughout the year.