Domestic jet regional passenger aircraft ARJ21 won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award

The domestic jet regional airliner ARJ21 won the first prize of the 2019 National Science and Technology Progress Award. This is the highest award ever awarded by the ARJ21 aircraft program. ARJ21 aircraft is China’s first independent development, with fully independent intellectual property rights of the new vortex fan regional aircraft. In April 2002, the state approved the project, November 28, 2008 in Shanghai successfulfirst flight, December 30, 2014 to obtain the China Civil Aviation Administration issued a model certificate, November 29, 2015 officially delivered to Chengdu Airlines, June 28, 2016 successful first flight, Realized the breakthrough of zero domestic jet liners on our routes.

Through the development of ARJ21 aircraft, China has completed the entire process of the design, manufacture, test, test flight, batch production, delivery and operation of jetliners for the first time, mastered the core technology of the development of civil jet transport aircraft, and filled the gap in the practice of the whole course of our independent research and development of jet transport aircraft. Realized the great improvement of the integrated innovation ability of civil aircraft of the aviation industry jet transportation class, which further solidified the foundation for the development of our civil aircraft industry.

Domestic jet regional passenger aircraft ARJ21 won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress AwardDomestic jet regional passenger aircraft ARJ21 won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award

ARJ21 project team after more than ten years of arduous exploration and independent innovation, the first domestic system completely set up the civil aircraft airworthiness design and verification technology system, solve the technical problems of inter-system interconnection safety assessment, overcome the double engine failure, tire blasting, bird collision, engine rotor blasting and other special risk verification technical difficulties, breakthrough The analysis and test verification technology under extremely complex meteorological conditions, such as ice, polluted runway, high wind, high temperature and cold, has mastered many key technologies of verification test flight, including high-level-tail aircraft stall, minimum ground-off speed, landing gear swing, flight control fault simulation and functional reliability, and filled many gaps in China’s aviation industry. ARJ21 aircraft project has won 140 invention patents, 59 international and national standards, enterprises / industry standards 6778, won 117 provincial-level science and technology awards.

ARJ21 aircraft project is in the domestic for many years no civilian aircraft model tasks, serious brain drain, designers and managers of aircraft validation regulations and aircraft operation regulations of the research and understanding of the lack of any pre-research on the basis of the project’s technical span is much greater than a generation of aircraft. In the airworthiness forensics phase, arJ21 aircraft completed a total of 300 ground test subjects, 528 verification test flight subjects, a total of 2942 test flights, 5258 flight hours, the closure of 398 airworthiness provisions, the completion of compliance reports 3418.

As the “pioneer” of domestic commercial aircraft, the ARJ21 aircraft also led the formation of an international standard of airworthiness review system and jet civilian transport aircraft airworthiness review capabilities. A number of provincial and municipal enterprises and universities participated in the development of the project, led to the development of the whole industrial chain of “production, research and development”, and promoted the formation of aviation industry cluster covering aviation materials suppliers, aviation parts suppliers, aircraft assembly plants, maintenance and service providers, aviation service providers.

On October 26, 2019, Chengdu Airlines ARJ21 aircraft opened an international route from Harbin to Vladivostok, the first time domestic aircraft flew abroad, ARJ21 aircraft commercial operation to achieve a new leap. Up to now, ARJ21 aircraft has delivered a total of 22 customers, has opened 37 routes, navigation 38 cities, a cumulative number of safe transport of passengers more than 690,000.