Xiaomi Award Millions to MIX Alpha Team: Care Engineer’s Sense of Achievement

On the afternoon of January 10, Xiaomi Group presented the 2019 Technology Awards at the Business Summary Conference with a prize of US$1 million for the MIX Alpha research and development team of Xiaomi Mobile Hardware. MIX Alpha is a concept machine developed by Xiaomi and released in September 2019 with a surround screen design of 180.6%. However, Xiaomi MIX Alpha, which was due to go on sale in December, is not yet on sale.

Xiaomi Award Millions to MIX Alpha Team: Care Engineer's Sense of Achievement

Today, Xiaomi Senior Vice President and Chairman of the Technical Committee Cui Baoqiu in an interview with Sina Technology and other media, said that in February 2019, Xiaomi set up a technical committee, in Xiaomi has more than 10,000 engineers, and this part of the engineer’s sense of achievement needs Xiaomi Technical Committee to take care of.

“Technology is certainly important, but it’s also important to build an engineer’s sense of accomplishment. Cui Baoqiu said that the empty technology industry is useless, the million-dollar technology award is behind the let the unknown backstage hero stand in front, this is the establishment of the technical committee after the first thing is also the most important thing.

For the million-dollar technology award team selection, Cui Baoqiu revealed that the goal will be placed on no more than ten small teams, the selection criteria are: 1, to have originality;

In the future, Xiaomi has a big recruitment direction in recruitment: First, xiaomi will recruit more and more young people in the future, new graduates will be more and more recruitment efforts;

According to Cui Baoqiu, Xiaomi next in the AIoT program 5 00 billion investment, most of the investment in technology research and development and innovation, and part of the ecological, there is still a specific digital distribution.

As for the innovation of the new phone, he said, it will be around the mobile phone and AIoT innovation, such as AI cameras will have more AI ability to land; (Seme)