China Mobile: Aiming to achieve 5G SA commercial in the fourth quarter of this year

On the evening of January 10, Dong Wei, vice-president of China Mobile, said at a China Mobile Media Communication Conference today that he aims to achieve 5G SA commercialization in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The following is the full text of Dong’s speech:

China Mobile: Aiming to achieve 5G SA commercial in the fourth quarter of this year

Distinguished distinguished guests:

Hello everyone! I am very pleased to invite all old and new friends from the media industry to visit China Mobile to guide the exchange and the friendship between Syria and Syria. Commissioned by Chairman Yang Jie, I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone on behalf of China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your concern and support.

In his 2020 New Year’s message, General Secretary Xi Jinping mentioned that “5G commercial accelerated launch, network speed-up fee reduction makes the screen faster”, and the general secretary “liked” the communications industry to China Mobile people to bring great encouragement and momentum. China Mobile adheres to Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, does not forget the initial intentions, keeps in mind the mission, resolutely implements the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, earnestly fulfills its political responsibilities, economic responsibilities and social responsibilities, and continuously promotes information and communication technology to serve the economic and social livelihood and promote high-quality development.

First, the full implementation of the “5G plus” plan, and actively play the role of a network power, digital China, the main force of the intelligent society. China Mobile responded positively to the expectations of all parties, taking the implementation of the “5G plus” plan as a key measure to play the “flat burden effect” and promote the construction of a network power, vigorously promoting the collaborative development of 5G-4G, the integration of 5G-AICDE innovation, the 5G-Eco eco-co-construction, the extension of 5G-X applications, and accelerate the promotion of 5G integration into the industry and serving the public. On the basis of building more than 50,000 5G base stations in 2019, this year will focus on the construction of a 5G boutique network with “coverage of the whole country, advanced technology and high quality” and the construction of 5G networks at or above the national level; Strive to achieve SA commercial in the fourth quarter, build a new scene of 5G applications, new ecology, new experience, build a new 5G business model, make a large 5G industrial ecological “friend circle”, promote 5G in a wider range of areas, more areas of application, so that 5G truly become an industrial transformation and upgrading accelerator, social information flow aorta, A new cornerstone of the digital society.

Second, always adhere to the people as the center, and strive to enhance the people’s sense of access. China Mobile deepens the network speed-up fee reduction, in 2019 mobile data traffic, small and medium-sized enterprises broadband, special line charges fell by 47%, 37% and 23%, respectively, as scheduled to achieve the number of transfer network services, in recent years, the cost reduction measures have benefited 5 billion people, to the whole society to make profits of more than 200 billion yuan. China Mobile will resolutely implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important directive that “the development of online letter business must carry out the people-centered development ideology”, always take improving the well-being of the people as the starting point and landing point of its work, adhere to the integration and development of cloud networks, improve the level of mobile network coverage, accurately build gigabit home broadband networks, and promote “mobile cloud” Quality growth, deepen all-round, the whole process, full service system construction, brand revitalisation action, implement the special line and broadband network average tariff reduction of 15% requirements, in-depth promotion of adverse information comprehensive rectification, leading the industry focus on service upgrading, to provide useful, affordable, well-used information services, Let the people in the sharing of the development of the development of the network letter more sense of access, security.

Third, vigorously implement innovation-driven development, and promote the promotion of China’s communications and information industry’s international competitiveness. China Mobile has actively played the role of the main body of innovation, taking on a total of 172 major national scientific research projects and 5 national engineering laboratories, promoting TD-LTE to become the global mainstream standard, and realizing for the first time a new situation of China’s leading technology and global scale applications. Facing the 5G era, China Mobile continues to adhere to innovation-driven, increase investment in research and development of key core technologies such as information technology, network intelligence and network security, explore the “double-creation” model of shared resources and development, enhance product innovation capability, and strengthen technology research and development innovation and lead global standard-setting. To drive China’s information and communication industry to achieve group breakthrough, enhance international competitiveness.

Fourth, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and strive to create a world-class demonstration enterprises. China Mobile earnestly docking to implement the deployment requirements for the creation of world-class demonstration enterprises, accelerate transformation and upgrading, clearly build a world-class “power building” overall thinking, the total number of connections from the establishment of more than 40 million to the current 1.89 billion, since 2012 the cumulative total tax revenue of more than 500 billion yuan, The proceeds and special income from the transfer of state-owned assets exceeded 180 billion yuan. Facing the new trend of digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of the future economy and society, China Mobile will consciously shoulder the historical mission given by the new era, adhere to the new development concept, take high-quality development as the main line, focus on the mode of adjustment, adjust the structure, scale, steady growth, risk prevention, Accelerate the expansion of business development from communication services to information services, business market from focusing on mobile market to individuals, families, government and enterprises, emerging “four-wheel” market full-way power, development mode from resource factor-driven to innovation-driven transformation and upgrading, vigorously promote the digital economy and the deep integration of the real economy, do better and better large countries have capital.

Fifth, solidly fulfill social responsibility, and comprehensively build the image of responsible state-owned enterprises. China Mobile strengthens its mission, actively fulfills its social responsibility, promotes information to benefit the poor as the direction, takes counterpart support as the grasping hand, vigorously carries out the “village pass project” and the pilot project of universal telecommunications services, and basically realizes the same quality and speed as the same network in rural cities. 2020 is China’s decisive year to fight against poverty, China Mobile will give full play to the company’s resource endowment and capacity advantages, increase the network of poverty alleviation and information to benefit the people, continue to carry out people’s livelihood improvement, industrial support, education and intelligence projects, and further enhance digital service capacity, help to resolutely win the fight against poverty.

China Mobile will continue to earnestly implement the requirements of promoting the integration and development of media, comprehensively strengthen media cooperation, actively explore the production of communication content under 5G enabling and innovation in the application of media technology, help the construction of the fusion media center, jointly build a new experience of immersive audio-visual, and promote media integration to the depth of development.

Spring and autumn twenty years, and Endeavour to start again. China Mobile will always adhere to the red communication of the beginning, in the transformation and development of the journey forward. Every development achievement of China Mobile can not be separated from the support of its media partners. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, send the New Year’s greetings in advance, I wish you all a smooth work, happy family, all the best!

Thank you!