sudden pops out of a wolf before high-speed Tesla: Autopilot emergency safe rides

Today, car blogger @Benchmarker shared a video of Tesla Autopilot’s autopilot auto-assisted ride-assisted emergency avoidance and was retweeted by Tesla officials. In the video, a Tesla owner is driving at a high speed just after 9 p.m. when a jungle wolf jumps into the driveway. According to the owner’s own description, the owner and the jungle wolf made a brief eye contact, both sides choked.

Autopilot made an emergency right turn at the last minute and hit the original lane of the “deer test” operation, comparable to the first-class racers, save a small life, but also for the driver to reduce unnecessary trouble.


According to Tesla officials, Autopilot’s auto-assisted driving allows the vehicle to automatically assist steering, auto-assist acceleration and automatic assisted braking in the driveway.

Of course, Autopilot’s auto-assisted driving feature still requires active driver monitoring, and the vehicle has not yet achieved full self-driving.

In the latest AutoPilot software update, Tesla has added identification support for tapered traffic-guided roadblocks , foreign media reported.

Tesla says that if your car is equipped with a full Automated Driving (FSD) kit, the system will be able to provide diversion advice when ice cream buckets are detected when autoPilot is enabled.

Still, users need to be ready to take over the car. It is also important to note that most owners do not have an FSD kit.

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