Foreign media: Google Maps’ Timeline feature is both fun and worrying

Google Maps is one of the best apps Google has ever made and is clearly a must-have on an Android device or iPhone, according tomedia BGR. However, the app does have a big drawback, which Google has been trying to correct in recent years. If you don’t know what that is, Google’s latest Maps tips – 2019 Timeline updates – will make you aware of that.

Media: Google Maps' Timeline feature is both fun and worrying

There may be two types of Google Maps users. Most of them don’t care about having to share their location with Google at all times for the app to work, although many will be outraged to find out exactly where Google collects from their phones. Others do everything possible to avoid sharing location data with their Google Account when they’re not using Google Maps. Obviously, you can’t take advantage of the navigation app without letting Google know where you are.

People who have enabled location history tracking may have received an email titled 2019 Timeline Update, which gives them a clear picture of everything they’ve been through in the past year. Media 9to5Google explains that users see similar updates every month, but the annual rollup shows how much location data they provide Google with in exchange for the app’s built-in map orientation, navigation and other clean features:

Your Activity shows walking and commuting by distance and time. Next are the city, places and the highlights of the trip, which have a map of the cover image. You can click each button to open the schedule for the day of access. The accuracy of this list of locations depends on your confirmation of access, not just on where Maps thinks you are.

The beauty of the email is that it reminds users that they can really control the location data they share with Google. The e-mail message provides a shortcut to manage location records (view and delete data) or to pause location tracking completely.

One way to use Google Maps without sharing too much data with Google is to sign out of your Google account when you use Google Maps, although doing so undermines the purpose of using google’s suite of services under the same account and affects users’ Google in the process The Assistant experience. Another approach involves the recently launched Google Maps feature, Incognito Mode, which lets you separate some search and location records from your account. Users can use Google Maps Incognito mode for everything they don’t want to add to their location record, and they can use regular mode for any type of navigation experience that can benefit from binding to your Google Account.