“Baoke Dream GO” made nearly $900 million in 2019, total revenue of $2.1 billion

According to Twinfinite, “Baoke Dream GO” earned nearly $900 million last year, bringing its total profit to $3.1 billion. According to Sensor Tower Intelligence, 2019 has been the most profitable year for The Poco Dream GO to date. The smartphone game generated about $894 million in revenue a year, up from $832 million when it was released in 2016, and a record profit of $3.1 billion.

In 2017, the game’s revenue has declined significantly due to a series of issues, including outside public opinion, but has been picking up since then, mainly due to the large-scale events in the game and subsequent updates, including the famous villain “Rocketrocket” update, and so on.

By region, U.S. players contributed 38 percent of their revenue, or about $335 million, while Japanese players came in second with $286 million. From the platform, Android users spent $482 million, or 54 percent, on games, while IOS users spent $412 million, or 46 percent.