iOS 13.2 Killing background apps WeChat Responds :Problems Have Been Basically Fixed

While Apple has not publicly responded to the iOS 13.2 backstage incident, the issue has had a wide-ranging impact on users. Now, WeChat officials have issued a notice that weChat has been “killed” after users upgraded iOS 13.2.

iOS 13.2狂杀应用后台 微信回应称问题已基本修复iOS 13.2狂杀应用后台 微信回应称问题已基本修复

WeChat’s latest response said, “Recently, we have received a small amount of user feedback that after upgrading iOS 13.2, the app (such as WeChat) may be shut down by the system after returning to the mobile desktop or lock screen, and the next time the opening requires a restart.” At present, the problem has been largely fixed through emergency intermodal. If individual users still have problems with the use, you can contact us to resolve them. ”

In addition to WeChat, after users upgraded iOS 13.2, apps such as American Takeaway and Weibo also encountered problems with the killing process.

In fact, the memory management mechanism in iOS 13.2 suddenly became radicalized, many apps have encountered the phenomenon of killing the background, and serious to slightly switch to different applications, the application stayining in the background not long will be re-opened before, directly killed.

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