Airbus Asian orders bumper Boeing falls behind over 737 Max plane ban

Airbus has received orders for more than 350 aircraft in Asia since August, ahead of rival Boeing, and the U.S. aircraft maker is trying to get its grounded 737 Max back to the sky. Airbus won a big deal last month, with Indian budget airline IndiGo ordering 300 narrow-body aircraft worth more than $33 billion at catalog prices.

空客亚洲订单大丰收 波音因737 Max飞机禁令落于其后

Transjet and Cebu have also confirmed in recent days that they have purchased aircraft from Airbus. According to the Chicago-based company’s website, Boeing has received orders or commitments from only 16 aircraft in the past three months.

Airbus received orders for the A320neo and the wide-body A330neo aircraft, while Boeing’s orders were for dual-aisle 787 and 777 cargo aircraft. Boeing is in crisis after two fatal 737 Max crashes, including an accident in October 2018 in which the Lion killed all 189 people on board.

Boeing has been upgrading the software on the 737 Max, but it’s unclear when it will be allowed to fly again. In an article for USA Today on October 29, The Federal Aviation Administration’s Steve Dickson reiterated that the agency is dealing with the recommendations of air crash investigators and is not in a hurry to decide when, whether or how the 737 Max will resume flights.

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