AMD Releases First Graphics Driver Fix 27 Bugs in 2020

AMD today released its first graphics driver for 2020, version 20.1.1, which, in addition to optimizing Monster Hunter World: Frostless Permafrost, is focused on fixing bugs and taking 27 in one go. Among the more noteworthy are:

– The vertical sync option is hidden or disappeared after Radeon Enhanced Sync is turned on.

– The CPU usage continues to be too high after the Radeon Game Advisor is turned on in the game.

– The drive panel is closed or crashes after recovering from hibernation.

– The R9 200/300/FUry series graphics cards use a 120Hz plus high refresh rate display, running some DX9/DX11 games unstable.

– The up and down arrow keys are not available when searching in the graphics panel.

– The RX 5700 series runs SETI@Home results overflow.

– The RX 5700 series uses Windows Media Player, Movies and TV to play mjpeg videos that appear green.

– The color is out of order after the monitor turns on HDR.

– Lost Ark intermittent caton

– Biochemical Crisis 2 flashes the screen in DX12 mode.

– Blocking All Over 2 turns on HDR when using Alt-Tab to switch multi-tasking with the wrong color, even if exiting the game can not be recovered.

The new driver supports the HD7700 series since the GCN architecture desktop graphics, notebook graphics, APU integrated graphics card, support Windows 7/10 64-bit operating system.

AMD 20.1.1 graphics driver details and download:

AMD Releases First Graphics Driver Fix 27 Bugs in 2020