Google could buy U.S. cloud computing company Salesforce for $250 billion

There has been speculation that Google could buy US cloud computing company Salesforce for $250bn to boost its competitiveness in cloud computing. In December,media reported that Google had set a target for its cloud computing division, Google Cloud, to beat its rivals Microsoft Azure and Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) by 2023.

Google could buy U.S. cloud computing company Salesforce for $250 billion

Despite spending heavily on cloud computing since 2018, Google hopes its cloud computing division will beat, or even more, microsoft Or Amazon’s AWS by 2023, according to people familiar with the matter.

Amazon’s cloud services (AWS) now have 47 per cent of the cloud computing market, with Microsoft Azure in second place with 16 per cent and Google in third place with 4 per cent.

In the public cloud market, Google Cloud’s biggest rivals are Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. Because Google Cloud is lower than Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure, both in market share and at a good rate of growth.

In an effort to close the gap with Amazon and Microsoft and strengthen, Google’s cloud computing division has adopted a merger strategy. Last February, for example,media reported that Google planned to buy Alooma, a cloud services start-up; in June, it bought Looker, a data analytics firm, for $2.6bn; and in July, it announced that it would buy Elastifile, a cloud storage service provider.

Now, there is speculation that Google could buy Salesforce for $250 billion to better compete with Amazon and Microsoft.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in San Francisco, Salesforce founder Marc Benioff is a former Oracle executive.

The company is an enterprise customer relationship management software provider that provides advanced CRM (customer relationship management) solutions based on cloud computing. The company’s more popular products include Sales Cloud, which helps sales people be more productive,, which provides online support solutions for small businesses and their consumers, and Chatter, an in-house social network.