SnapDragon 865? Xiaomi POCOPHONE F2 Exposure: Expected to debut this year

In 2018, Xiaomi launched its new product line, the POCOPHONE F1, a cost-effective handset. GSMArena rated the POCOPHONE F1, which offered its flagship specs at a staggering price (the machine features the SnapDragon845 flagship platform, the lowest-priced SnapDragon 845 phone at the time), and has attracted much attention.

More than a year later, Xiaomi POCOPHONE series of new products is expected to be released this year. January 11 news, the State Intellectual Property Office China Trademark Network shows that Xiaomi has the “POCO F2” trademark, some netizens speculated that this is a hint that POCOPHONE F2 is about to appear.

SnapDragon865? Xiaomi POCOPHONE F2 Exposure: Expected to debut this year

Former Xiaomi employee Alvin Tse said on Twitter that you’ll see more information about the POCOPHONE series in 2020, suggesting that Xiaomi will update the POCOPHONE series this year, linking to Xiaomi’s trademark registration, and that the next generation of POCOPHONE’s new products could be F2.

In terms of specifications, considering that Xiaomi POCOPHONE F1 is equipped with qualcomm SnapDragon 845 flagship platform, it is speculated that POCOPHONE F2 may be equipped with the latest SnapSnapdragon 865 flagship platform, according to Xiaomi’s cost-effective price strategy, Xiaomi POCOPHONE F2 prices will be very competitive at the same price.

The exact timing of poCOPHONE F2 is uncertain, and according to previously disclosed information, Xiaomi’s first flagship model this year is Xiaomi 10, which is expected to be unveiled in February.