Why is Asian height short? 200,000 people study specific genes

Japan’s Institute of Science and Chemistry has carried out a large-scale study of Asian height genes, revealing dozens of rare DNA mutations unique to the region’s population,media reported. As we all know, your height depends largely on the mutation in the DNA sequence that you inherit from your parents. There are thousands of genes that affect bone growth, cartilage development and other physiological processes.

The Center for Integrated Medical Sciences (IMS) of the Japan Institute of Science and Chemistry has conducted a study of Asian height genes. The study collected genetic and clinical data from nearly 200,000 people across Japan.

For the study, researchers analyzed the link between adult height and about 28 million different sites across the genome. They described 573 height-related variations, 64 of which occurred in Japanese populations.

Why is Asian height short? 200,000 people study specific genes

The researchers note that these rare mutations, many of which appear to be unique to East Asians, are mostly related to genes associated with increased height. Rare mutations found in Europeans often have the opposite effect and limit height.

The genetic structure of human height is similar in Japanese and European populations, and we have successfully identified the more rare height-related variations that are unique to the East Asian population, the researchers said.

The japanese and European populations may have suffered different evolutionary pressures in the distant past, and differences in lifestyles, such as staple foods, may be related to different selection pressures.

The findings will lead researchers to develop new ways to expand our genetic knowledge of population structure and the pressures of specific population selection for complex human characteristics, and to deepen our understanding of the complex interactions between genes that promote normal growth.