NIO releases October delivery data, highest since 2019

This afternoon, NIO released October delivery data, and NIO delivered 2,526 units in October, a new high in 2019. Of these, ES6s 2220 and ES8s 306. There were three INCIDENTs of ES8 fire in the two months from April to June this year, followed by a “Statement on partial ES8 recalls” on June 27, recalling a total of 4,803 vehicles with NEV-P50 modules manufactured between April 02, 2018 and October 19, 2018.

蔚来公布10月交付量数据 创2019年以来新高

At one point, the Recall had a huge impact on NIO’s share price and sales, and Delivery deliveries hit rock bottom in July. According to the data released today, NIO broke the monthly sales record for the year in September and October, or is expected to “return blood”.

蔚来公布10月交付量数据 创2019年以来新高

Li Bin, founder of  NIO, said, “Our delivery results in October can be solidly continuously improved, can not be separated from our first-line sales team’s hard work.” We are also grateful to our users for their strong support. “

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