All-core pre-overclocking 5.2GHz i9-9900KS: only 3% can do it

Intel recently released the Core i9-9900KS, the first eight core factory is the all-core 5.0GHz, stable to become the world’s strongest game processor, and the thermal design power consumption control at 127W, the price of $513 (National Bank of China 4299). Silicon Lottery, which often sells pre-overclocking, issued an early warning and is now officially on the i9-9900KS, divided into three versions.

One is the all-core 5.0GHz, priced at $599.99 (¥4215) – 17% more expensive than the official? The batch is said to have been more rigorously tested with a voltage setting of 1.25V and AVX Offset 2 to ensure that the full core 5.0GHz can be stabilized in any case without reducing to a reference frequency of 4.0GHz.

But the $87 is really hard, and the foreign media are a little crazy.

全核预超频5.2GHz i9-9900KS开卖:只有3%能做到

The second is the all-core 5.1GHz, priced at US$749.99 (US$5270), and the voltage added to 1.287V, which is only 31% tested.

全核预超频5.2GHz i9-9900KS开卖:只有3%能做到

Third, the all-core 5.2GHz, priced at $1,199.99 (¥8430), and the voltage added to 1.325V, and only 3% can do that, that is, only 3 of the 100 inside can exceed the all-core 5.2GHz.

Don’t be too expensive, this version has been sold out quickly.

全核预超频5.2GHz i9-9900KS开卖:只有3%能做到

An optional open cover replacement advanced thermal material service can reduce the temperature at high loads by 3-7 degrees C.

In fact, according to our test, the i9-9900KS super to the full core 5.2GHz is not difficult, it seems that we get the physique belongs to the top ranks.

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