NVIDIA is expected to announce new GPU core “Ampere” in March: Samsung 7nm

Despite the price increase, it’s still an old-fashioned 12nm process, but the NVIDIA RTX 20 series graphics cards, which are hard to find, are still going well in these two years. This week, Su revealed at CES 2020 that AMD will have high-performance Navi graphics cards that support ray tracing this year, and that the grip-wielding NVIDIA will obviously not sit back. The latest news from the informant said that NVIDIA plans to introduce the new GPU graphics core “Ampere” for the first time at the GTC conference in Silicon Valley on March 23rd.

As the more NVIDIA secrecy has been done over the years, much of the core information on ampere’s architecture is not yet known, and a recent rumor is that its performance has improved by 50% and power consumption has been halved compared to Turing. In addition, NVIDIA is bound to further optimize the size of the ray tracing (RT Core) unit and the difficulty of matching support.

In addition,media said, TSMC recently removed NVIDIA from the 7nm customer list, which appears to be a signal for Ampere to adopt Samsung 7nm. The reasons for this may be varied, such as TSMC’s 7nm load, Samsung’s 7nm EUV performance better, and Samsung’s offer of a better offer to NVIDIA.