Russian plane pilot teaches beauty to fly plane on the spot under investigation

Today, the captain of Guilin Airlines allowed a girl into the cockpit during the flight to experience flying went viral, the captain paid the price of a lifetime ban. Similar incidents have occurred abroad, with foreign media reporting that russia in August this year also had a pilot invited unrelated personnel to operate the aircraft, involving pilots named Kirill S, working for Russia’s InAero Airlines.

On 31 August, he carried out a short flight from Yakutsk to Batagai, which was supposed to be a short flight within Russia, which took about 1 hour and 50 minutes.

But in the course of the flight, he invited a beautiful woman named Anna into the cockpit, and taught him to fly the plane, and recorded a video, from which Kirill S instructed Anna to operate the plane in all directions, the two people communicate very closely, Anna all the way to say that this is too cool, Videos and photos were also posted on social networks, but have now been deleted by her.

It is reported that Anna about 20 years, without any flight-related qualifications, it is understood that she may be involved in the pilot’s girlfriend, even if not girlfriend, will be close friends.

The incident was exposed in the media because of her explosive photos, and IrAero Airlines said it had launched an investigation and that there were no findings.

无独有偶 俄罗斯飞机驾驶员教美女现场开飞机被调查

无独有偶 俄罗斯飞机驾驶员教美女现场开飞机被调查

无独有偶 俄罗斯飞机驾驶员教美女现场开飞机被调查

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