Wildfires rage across the country as Australian pm admits to failing to deal with

Australia’s wildfires have undoubtedly turned into a disaster, with smoke swirling around the earth for half a week outside New Zealand, according to NASA. In addition, the fire in Australia has burned for more than 100 days since 2019, killing 28 people, displacing countless people, and even sending warships to transport residents of the fire area;

Ecologists at the University of Sydney estimate that 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles have died since the australian wildfires erupted last September, and some estimate that 1.2 billion animals will eventually die;

Wildfires rage across the country as Australian pm admits to failing to deal with

Now, people have only two questions about this mountain fire, why is the mountain fire not under control? How can it be extinguished?

As for the latter problem, it is no longer human, but depends on when the heavy rain falls. The former problem is a real man-made disaster.

On January 14th Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison admitted to failing in responding to the bushfire crisis, saying he would present a proposal to the cabinet to set up a royal commission to deal with the bushfire disaster. It will also discuss how the federal government can intervene and assist states in dealing with problems with greater flexibility in the event of a disaster.

Every year in Australia, there are mountain fires, firefighting is generally dominated by local governments, and the federal government only cooperates with local logistics. But the problem is that in 2019 the wildfires are raging, and the federal government still insists on not breaking the rules, failing to mobilize forces in time to focus on putting out fires and watching the wildfires sweep across the country.

In addition, Australian scientists predicted the wildfire crisis 30 years ago, but the government has been doing little, which is not without the strong political influence of the Australian coal industry.