Indian-made ship-borne aircraft successfully landed on an aircraft carrier for the first time: it was a feat

India’s LCA ‘glorious” domestic-ship fighter has successfully blocked the ship on an aircraft carrier for the first time, in what the Indian navy called “a feat.” According to the “India Today” website reported on January 11, India’s LCA “glorious” domestic ship-borne fighter aircraft on the same day on the “Vikramatia” aircraft carrier for the first time successfully blocked the ship.

Indian-made ship-borne aircraft successfully carried the ship on an aircraft carrier for the first time: it was a feat

“Following extensive testing at the Land Test Facility (SBTF), the ship-borne LCA fighter aircraft successfully launched the ship on the aircraft carrier Vikramatia at 10:02 a.m. today,” India’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement. ”

“This feat demonstrates India’s mastery of the technology for the development of ship-borne fighter aircraft and provides a technical foundation for India’s future development of dual-launch fighter aircraft,” a spokesman for the Indian Navy said. ”

The LCA Shining is a single-seat single-shot light fighter developed by Hindustan Airlines to meet the needs of the Indian Air Force and the first third-generation fighter developed by India itself. The aircraft was officially developed in 1983, and in July 2016, the 33-year-old “Glorious” fighter was officially listed in the Indian Air Force. At present, the Indian Air Force has formed the first squadron equipped with “Glorious” fighter.

On the basis of the “Glorious” fighter, the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization and India Stan Airlines also developed a ship-borne version of the fighter, using a slide take-off – blocking the ship, the Indian Navy originally planned to ship-borne version of the “Glorious” fighter aircraft equipped with the first domestic aircraft carrier “Vikrant.” Indian media said the aircraft carrier is expected to be tested in the sea this year and delivered to the Indian Navy around 2023.