Apple legend AR headset will appear to be developed in partnership with game developer Valve

Taiwan media outlet DigiTimes says Apple has reached a partnership with U.S. game developer Valve to jointly develop the rumored Apple Augmented Reality head. According to DigiTimes sources, the rumored Apple Augmented Reality product will be assembled by Quanta, and Shuo.

苹果传说中AR头显将现身 与游戏开发商Valve联合开发

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, said it was understood that Apple’s augmented reality head would be mass-produced as early as the fourth quarter of this year and launch early next year.

Valve released its first virtual reality headshow in April. However, Apple is understood to be working with it primarily to develop augmented reality rather than virtual reality products, largely because Apple CEO Tim Cook believes augmented reality technology will make digital content a part of a user’s life and will be as popular with consumers as smartphones. This has prompted Apple to hire more engineers in graphic design, system interfaces and system architecture to increase augmented reality software development.

In July, The DigiTimes reported that Apple had temporarily halted the development of the augmented/virtual reality headshow, and that the development team had disbanded in May, with staff moving to other teams to work on development.

But, according to the latest news from DigiTimes sources, Apple is actually simply moving the development model of the augmented/virtual reality headstart product from self-development to joint development with partners.

Mr Guo said Apple’s augmented reality glasses would exist as an iPhone accessory, mainly to display content, and tasks such as computing, networking and positioning would be wirelessly handed over to the iPhone. He expects Apple’s augmented reality glasses to begin mass production between the fourth quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of 2020.

苹果传说中AR头显将现身 与游戏开发商Valve联合开发

According to a November 2017 Bloomberg article, Apple’s augmented reality glasses will run a customized version of iOS called “operating real-world operating system”; Siri voice assistant and head pose.

It is reported that Quanta can use the licensed from Lumus camera lens, at a lower cost to produce augmented reality head.

In February 2018, a media release reported that Apple, LG and Valve had jointly invested $10 million in a company called eMagin, whose main business is to produce micro-displays for healthcare, military and industrial enterprises.

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