Osaka Metro to open QR code payment: support for Alipay and WeChat

Recently, according to media reports, Osaka Metro announced that from March 8 will be in the Otsuka Line (Umeda Station) and other 7 stations on some ticket machines to introduce QR code payment function, it is worth mentioning that QR code supports  Alipay and WeChat payment. The seven stations are New Osaka Station, Umeda Station, higashiumeda Station, Shinsaibashi Station, nihongbashi, namba Station and Tennōji Station, with a total of 103 ticket machines supporting 2D-code payment, at which time passengers will be able to go to the station’s blue ticket office and purchase a one-way ticket for the subway using Alipay or Wechat Pay.

In addition, the purchase of magnetic cards such as return cards, one-day vouchers and ICOCA card recharge business esms are not covered by this Alipay or Wechat Pay.

Osaka Metro to open two-dimensional code payment: support for Alipay and WeChat

Osaka City is a city located in the middle of Osaka Prefecture, Japan, for Osaka Prefecture, designated for the decree, is also the Osaka Metropolitan Area, the Shinto Metropolitan Area, and even the central city of the near by the place. With an area of 223 square kilometers and a night population of about 2.695 million, the city is the third most populous city in Japan, while the day population is more than 3.53 million, the second largest in Japan. Osaka has been a trading port since nara’s time, and has established “Nunbojing” here because of its maritime location.

According to the Japan National Tourism Administration, the number of Chinese tourists to Japan increased by 11% to 4.53 million in the first half of 2019, and Osaka is officially a popular tourist destination in Japan.