Xiaomi Mobile Phone Department 12 executives family photo: changcheng in center

On January 10, Xiaomi held its end-of-year business conference in Beijing. After the meeting, Lin Bin took a family photo with Xiaomi mobile phone executives. From the photos, it is not difficult to find that Xiaomi mobile phone department executives have two women, of course, the most familiar to the face of netizens is Changcheng. Changcheng early in the year left from Lenovo to join Xiaomi, as the group’s vice president, responsible for mobile phone product planning and other work,  reports to the vice chairman and president of mobile phone department Lin Bin , the outside world is looking forward to the “speaker” for the future Xiaomi mobile phone to bring fresh elements.

Lin Bin Sun Xiaomi Mobile Phone Department 12 executives family photo: chang

xiaomi mobile phone executives

according to the previous forecast, Xiaomi this year planned at least 10 5G mobile phones, expected to include K30 Pro 5G, Xiaomi 10 series, Xiaomi MIX Alpha production version,  MIX4