why I switched from Chrome to Firefox.

In a new article for DT, foreign tech journalist Shubham Agarwal talks about his journey from Chrome to Firefox. According to Agarwal, his relationship with FireFox has been on and off for several years, and each time he readily installs the update and prepares to use it, he’s been knocked out by a bad label ingress experience and can’t help but get back to Chrome.

However, when having to endure the fan rant squealing of Chrome’s over-occupancy of the 2015 MacBook Pro last time, Agarwal decided to switch to Firefox again, and didn’t expect it to come back this time.

Agarwal says That firefox’s web browsing experience has improved significantly since the 2017 “overhaul” and numerous underlying upgrades, and that many pages are loading faster than Chrome. And all this does not need to encroach on a large number of CPU and memory resources, to the notebook burden.

At the same time, Firefox has also added a lot of people’s sex features, replacing the must-have plug-ins on Chrome, such as file transfer “Send,” password management “Lockwise”, certificate monitoring “Monitor” and so on.

Starting roughly with the v67 version, the Firefox kernel has become much smarter. She can automatically load the body when she opens a news site, and then present sings ads, auxiliary elements and other content; some mainstream sites, such as Instagram, Twitter, FF load speed is 40% to 80% faster.

Tell me why I switched from Chrome to Firefox.

In the event of a lack of memory, THE FF temporarily suspends pages that have not been active for some time.

In addition, FF since the “Cambridge Analytica” incident to stop running Facebook ads, high lying about user privacy, real-time tips for possible cryptocurrency scripts, the first time to fix zero-day vulnerabilities, and so on, these experiences have made an old Chrome user feel the advantage of switching platform.

Today, FireFox is the only product on the market that is almost the only one outside of Chromium in mainstream browsers.

PS: By the way, this article was knocked out on Firefox’s Google docs (sic).