$43million: SpaceX to stream Falcon 9 rocket explosion next week

Musk’s SpaceX has never been shy about admitting its failures as a company dedicated to revolutionizing the space industry. In fact, they’re even used to celebrating failure, self-darkening, making fun of it, and so on. Next week, a SpaceX rocket will explode again, just this time intentionally.

It turned out that the company planned to conduct a flight suspension test on January 18, when a Falcon 9 rocket would be safely detonated over the Atlantic Ocean (the Falcon 9’s single launch cost about $43 million, or about $297 million).

The test is crucial to the development of SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft to verify that crew members can escape safely in serious accidents such as rocket explosions. SpaceX believes it is important to ensure the safety of manned capsules in a truly urgent situation.

$43million: SpaceX to stream Falcon 9 rocket explosion next week

It is reported that the test rocket will be launched from the Kennedy Space Center, flight time of less than 90 seconds, if all goes well, the crew capsule will eventually float in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Dragon spacecraft will take on a manned mission to the International Space Station in the future, and SpaceX is expected to broadcast the rocket explosion test live stream.