New all-in-one Microsoft Office mobile app suite coming soon

Microsoft has launched several standalone versions of The Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote apps for Android, and now it looks like Android phones will soon be able to get a new all-in-one Microsoft Office applications, like PCs, Microsoft will release Word, Excel and PowerPoint kits under the same Office brand.

全新的多合一Microsoft Office移动版应用套件即将出现

In fact, Samsung phones are already pre-installed with unified Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Since we recently discovered the Office Mobile app in the Google Play Store, it can also be applied to other Android phones.

At the time of writing, Microsoft has undone the download link for the all-in-one version of Office Mobile, but we are able to install the app on our phones.

Office applications currently in beta have the following key features:

Create, edit, and share documents in real time.

Store documents offline and online.

Take a picture of your document and edit it with Microsoft Office’s Word.

Convert a table picture to an Excel spreadsheet.

PowerPoint captures pictures stored on your phone to quickly design presentations.

Office Lens integration

The Office Mobile app also has unique features for mobile devices, such as you can create PDFs from photos and documents, sign PDFs with your finger, and create or access notes synced between Windows and OneNote.

The app also supports nearby sharing, making it easy to transfer files between two devices, or using the QR code to scan and open files on another device.

Microsoft is expected to announce the app at the next Ignite conference.

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