Alert! “Quantum plus life” products, almost all are deceptive

“In case of indoubts, quantum mechanics”, this sentence is sci-fi and film industry’s teasing and flirtation, now become a lot of quantum industry practitioners in the heart of the “pain”, experts pointed out that quantum technology has not been related to daily necessities, the current so-called “quantum plus life” products, almost all are deceptive things, The public should prevent the fall into the trap of online rumors and prevent the spread of rumors by keeping up with the latest scientific developments.

The children were dressed in uniform and were quickly flipping through the books on their hands. “Read 100,000 words in 5 minutes and read the full retelling”, such a special feature is printed on the training institution’s poster, as a “developing full brain potential” education. Shortly before this, this “quantum wave speed reading” game video frequently appeared on the hot search.

This is just one example of “making money” with the concept of “quantum”.

In response to this kind of scam, well-known popular science platform “Ink salon” an article cop said, no matter how the concept of the wave to expand, the ink on the book does not have the function of radiation and dissemination, books carry inge of wisdom and knowledge, not to automatically present to your mind. To improve reading ability, the dead text into their own brain knowledge, only read more this way to go.

However, the appeal of shortcuts is enormous. Reporters found that with China’s quantum technology continueto to break through, the fraud scam is also constantly refreshed.

“Quantum Goods” Is Everything

From low-stage quantum water, quantum socks, quantum necklaces, to high-level patents, capital market packaging, quantum concepts are being a lot of smell-sensitive “businessmen”, as a gimmick “flag.”

Low stage bit: “Proud goods”

Search for “quantum” on Taobao, Lin Lin total all kinds of “quantum goods” there are hundreds of kinds: quantum water, quantum necklaces, quantum cigarette boxes, quantum glasses, quantum car film, quantum radiation-proof mobile phone stickers, quantum super-ceramic energy bowl … A careful search, there are many quantum health products, and some even play the concept of “quantum medicine.”

What these goods have in common is “powerful” and expensive. For example, quantum socks, both “odor-proof” and “increase dystenion”, a pair of prices in more than 30 yuan; The disordered magnetic field of human cells can be repaired using quantum harmonic resonances up to hundreds of millions of times per second. On the official website of a quantum biotech company, it is claimed that a product called Zhongding Quantum Wine has been launched to increase the vibration frequency through quantum technology, thereby enhancing the energy of health factors and achieving the effectiveness of alcohol therapy. The company aims to achieve an annual output of 2,000 tons of quantum wine from 2015 to 2020, with an output value of 1.2 billion yuan.

Some experts helplessly said that the so-called quantum water, quantum medicine, quantum fertilizer, etc. are fooling the public noun, there is nothing to do with quantum, the academic field should be pure hype to the smoke. To make these products look more credible, merchants also overlay multiple scientific concepts to make it harder for consumers to distinguish. Quantum resonators, for example, overlay “negative oxygen ions”, “micron electromagnetic waves” and “terahertz” and many other terms.

Jin Xianmin, a professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University, told reporters that although there may be quantum effects in life phenomena, such as bio-navigation and photosynthesis, because these phenomena are too macro and the experiment is very difficult, “what has not yet been achieved in the laboratory, how can it be in the market?” To judge whether a commodity is quantum is to see if it uses quantum cosyness and superposition, and if not, it is not a quantum product. “

– Midstage bit: “Concept guard”

To make their absurd claims look more credible, these companies package their own “sets” very similar, mostly using patents, institutions, summits and other “concept scares”.

Use “patents”. A company called Quantum Technology says in The Public: When a quantum water processor is installed, ultra-fine micro-vibration waves are released continuously and consistently through the wall into the water. Large groups of water molecules are broken down into small individual water molecules to enhance the activity and solubility of water molecules, so that the body can better absorb.

The company applied for a number of utility model patents to “endorse” the product: a “quantum water pipe” improves the purification efficiency, the purified tap water to meet the drinking water standard; , enhances the penetration of quantum energy, the therapeutic effect is better, the structure is simple and reasonable, a “quantum stocking”, containing the metal fiber engraved with quantum energy, the acuity massage and socks combined to form a convenient use of the spring massage energy socks, can treat a variety of diseases …

Borrow “meeting”. On the one hand, in the media to publish sensational articles, provoke consumers “health anxiety”, such as push articles like to use “how far is cancer from us” “mild fatty liver can also be directly cancerous, the culprit in this” and other titles; “A sense of technology”.

Reporters found the “quantum technology product application and development summit forum”, the meeting included from China, South Korea, Russia and other multinational experts, the report claimed, “the leaders of the General Assembly and the guests together to witness the DNA quantum energy warehouse opening ceremony, experts to explain quantum (bio-wave) medicine and Chinese medicine courses”, The quantum silo silos have a collection of seven kinds of energy (far-infrared radio waves, photon energy, electrical waves, electromagnetic waves, biological waves, magnetic fields, also known as gravitational waves, and far-infrared-represented integrated energy waves).

“Thesis”. In an article on the popular science platform “Fruit Shell”, the author points out that in September 2018, the paper “Trial “Quantum Entanglement” and Acupuncture, publishedChinese in the core journal of china acupuncture, was popular on the Internet, claiming that “the use of quantum entanglement theory to achieve the clinical treatment of the immediate family of acupuncture, and the effect is significant”, has been seriously questioned. The biomedical literature search engine PubMed said the paper had been withdrawn, citing “some flaws in the paper, which the author proposed to withdraw” and that China’s website could not be searched.

High stage bit: “capital scam”

In November 2016, Long Ai Quantum Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Long Ai Quantum”) was incorporated in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. On the company’s network platform, the illegal elements claim that this is a quantum cutting-edge technology as the core, set research and development, application, promotion, service as one of the integrated large-scale group companies, through the company’s life mall investment products, can be awarded points. In fact, “Dragon Love Quantum” requires participants to pay fees to obtain membership, members in accordance with certain rules to form a hierarchy, in order to obtain high dynamic income and static income, to induce members to continue to develop offline, and to develop the number of personnel and offline performance as a basis for rebates, the formation of a typical pyramid-like MLM membership system. The MLM case has been solved. And the reporter from the ruling paper network query found that, even if has been widely exposed, there are still many ordinary consumers were deceived.

Not only is such a MLM case, in the capital market to take “quantum” as a story of the enterprise is not in the minority. Quantum technology is not only difficult for consumers to discern, but also tests judgment in capital markets.

“I’ve come across a project that says that genetic testing is done by entering the human bioelectric field with quantum energy waves for ‘quantum resonance’. Wu Wei, general manager of the new manufacturing and investment department of Yuexiu Industrial Fund, said that the important function of the capital market is the allocation of resources, whether it is pseudo-quantum technology or the over-packaging of enterprises with quantum concepts in the capital market, which will have a negative effect on the effective investment of capital resources into the process of the industrialization of quantum science and technology. The consumer market needs the regulatory governance of the market regulator, and the capital market regulator also needs to guide the market resources to identify the false and correctly allocate.

Quantum applications, de-pseudo-real

“In case of no decision, quantum mechanics”, this sentence is the sci-fi and film industry’s teasing and flirtation, now become a lot of quantum industry practitioners in the heart of the “pain.” When the concept is abused, it is not only the consumer who is hurt, but also the benign development of the industry brings about a negative word-of-mouth effect.

What are the reliable industrial applications?

The development of quantum technology has a great impact on the progress of human science and technology.

At present, the research of quantum science and technology mainly focuses on quantum communication, quantum computing and quantum precision measurement. Experts pointed out that the future of quantum technology is very good, but the real application to people’s lives may be years; early nucleic acids, nano, gene therapy and so on, almost every new technology, will be ulterior motives to hype, and the same approach, mostly in daily necessities, health care, big articles, Don’t disrupt the market because of these unscientific speculations, and lose the hearts and minds of the people in this field.

The latest industrial applications based on quantum physics have been widely used, including atomic clocks (time and length measurement, navigation), standards based on quantum measurement (resistance, current, etc.), laser technology (various measurements, printers, CD players, welding, cutting technology, medical lasers, etc.), semiconductor technology (transistors, chips, etc.), Applications including microscopes, communication technologies, etc. include quantum theory.

In the field of quantum communication, China has rich research results and advanced the level of industrialization globally. According to the data in DWPI, an international authoritative patent database, in the field of quantum communications, China’s Kodai Shield, and Japan’s Toshiba, Japan Electric Co., Ltd. have published more than 100 same-family patents, ranking in the top three. These formal companies in the field of quantum communications for many years, their patent applications are for the protection of their own technology and strategic layout, and those named “quantum” and “quantum health water” in essence hot spot”, “quantum health shoes” “quantum health device” and other title party patents there is a fundamental difference, we are wary of being deceived.

In the field of quantum communication, typical applications include quantum key distribution and quantum stealth transmission, and the representative products are the KKD-related equipment developed by The Great Power Shield and Anhui Qiaotian. In addition, there are quantum VPN, quantum security encryption routers and so on.

In the field of quantum computing, researchers told reporters that although the development of quantum computers is progressing rapidly, but the current quantum computer is mostly in a prototype state, to the general quantum computer will take a long time to achieve, the real development into a practical quantum device is a difficult process.

In the field of quantum measurement, the domestic representative enterprise sits guoyi quantum, etc., and provides products mainly for the core key devices represented by enhanced quantum sensors and scientific instruments for analytical testing.

Mo Let’s cottage influence real innovation

Zhu Yannan, director of the Mozi Salon, said, such as the sudden rise of quantum water in 2017, quantum insoles, and the sudden fire in 2019 quantum fluctuation speed reading, are actually deceptive.

Under the wave of the second quantum revolution, scientists are not only doing scientific research, but also trying to do popular science, and pseudo-science “competition”, but “de-fake” is very difficult. By this scientific concept of shanzhai, fraud and other acts, will bring great trouble to the sound development of the industry.

“There are more counterfeit products, and in the future everyone will be disgusted with good and bad quantum products. “A domestic quantum scientist helplessly told reporters that the abuse of quantum concepts is very negative to the normal development of the market and industry.

Zhang Qiang, co-chair of the International Telecommunication Union’s Quantum Information Technology Focus Group, said that there are many factors that are far from spreading rumors: for example, the scientific literacy of the nation still needs to be improved, the identification of news reports and false propaganda in emerging science and technology, and the lack of sufficient linkage between market regulators and quantum science, “pseudo-quantum” Products use people’s knowledge blind spot trick, market supervision personnel are difficult to scientific supervision, timely response, some self-media in the dissemination of the situation also exists in the hot spot. “How to do quantum science systematically, how to establish a fast and effective regulatory mechanism, how to raise the illegal cost of false propaganda through public interest litigation, are the direction of discussion.” “

“Is there any commercial hype and PR behavior in the process of quantum technology development?” Li Xiaoming, content director of the science platform “Intellectuals”, told reporters that the quantum technology competition should distinguish between commercial speculation, public relations and real innovation.

Experts pointed out that quantum technology has not yet been related to daily necessities, the current so-called “quantum plus life” products, almost all are deceptive things. “We have been trying to use the common people understand the language, flexible and diverse ways, both the release of authoritative quantum scientific research information and popular science articles, cartoons, but also from the practical point of view, against the various rumors in society one by one. “

“In addition to doing quantum science, we also focus on artificial intelligence, life science and other cutting-edge technology, through online and offline activities, to show the beauty of science and technology, scientific and technological strength, so that the public understand the great role of science in the development of human civilization. At the same time, the public should learn the latest scientific progress, to prevent caught in the trap of online rumors, to identify some information asymmetry caused by the scam, and justified to puncture, to prevent the spread of rumors. Zhu Yannan said.